11 Tips on How and to Whom You Should Delegate Tasks To

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  1. Ensure people are aware of exactly what is expected of them and when.
  2. Get them to summarise their role to check understanding.
  3. Beware of assumptions (skills, knowledge, understanding etc).
  4. Delegate real authority and empowerment as well as responsibility.
  5. Clearly define when you wish to be involved/consulted, why and about what.
  6. If there is reluctance to accept the role ensure adequate training is given. Plan for it and schedule your own time to advise/train.
  7. Allow ‘creative’, not careless, mistakes – making sure that you share your own experience and help them anticipate mistakes.
  8. Keep records of successes and failures for activities which may be repeated.
  9. Help others to prioritise their activities.
  10. Be proud of them and congratulate them if they do a job well (especially when better than you would have done!).
  11. Beware of being a perfectionist but encourage people always to give their best – and do it right first time, every time.

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Author – Stuart Harris, Director of DRIVE Training & Development Ltd who specialise in Sales, Customer Service and Management Training,  mainly but not solely, in Call Centres in the UK


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