Tele-Sales Training


DRIVE Training & Development Ltd was asked by the Head of Customer Advice and Outbound and the Strategic Delivery Manager of one of our major clients to provide Sales training and coaching support for the most under-performing sales teams at its Glasgow Contact Centre.

Following the training, improvements in every member of the team were observed with an immediate increase in Total Sales, Home Conversion, Total Sales Premium and Total Add-on Premiums. The team went from being the poorest performing team on the project to outselling all other sales teams on the project by 20%. Many of the agents had a tremendous improvement in their KPI’s.

Here are some of the improvements on one of the agents

  March April
Total Sales 46% 129%
Home Conversion 27% 37%
Total Sales Premium £21,566 £ 46,609
Total Add-ons £737 £1781


As part of my training needs analysis, I visited the centre for a day to observe the Sales Team, I then developed a 3 day sales training and coaching programme.

It should be noted that, at this stage, the team was the worst performing team on the project with sales per hour and conversion rates lower than that of all other teams.

I then scheduled myself in to deliver a two day training programme covering the following topics;

  • Comparing modern Consultative methods Vs a traditional ‘Feature Heavy’ method
  • Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy
  • Demonstrate the Importance of Building Rapport
  • Introduced the sales agents to Effective Analysis of Customer Needs
  • Advised on how to effectively Present Appropriate Solutions
  • Ran workgroups on Identifying Buying Signals
  • Provided Up and Cross Selling Techniques
  • Demonstrated Powerful Closing Techniques
  • Established what may cause Objections and how they should be successfully handled
  • Provided solutions to dealing with the issue of price
  • Explained Buyer Behavioural Styles
    • (Drivers, Expressives, Amiables, Analytics)
  • Discussed Best Practices of delivering a ‘Quality Call’


Following the 2 day training session, I spent a full day coaching each of the Sales Agents side by side and worked with the Sales Manager on how they could reinforce the training message

There has been ongoing positive feedback from the Sales Manager, all of the delegates that attended the Sales Training and follow-up Coaching session and additional requests from other Sales Managers in the Call Centre for their team to also receive the training