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Five Tips for Improving The Experience of Your Customers

Dec 01, 2011 Comments Off by

In the 2011 Convergys UK Customer Scorecard Research, 61% of consumers said that the customer experience has not improved over the past year, and another 14% said that it has actually gotten worse. Here are some of the topline stats from the Survey and a few things to consider.   1. Pay attention to what your [...]

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How to use Call Centre Scripts and Still Engage With Your Customers

Apr 14, 2011 Comments Off by

A major contributing factor in Sales and Customer Service calls in UK call centres is use of ‘tight’ scripts. On one occasion I heard of a major utility company setting out a script of NINETY TWO ‘Alternative Closed’ questions. Each question offered two responses, leading to the next alternative closed question and so on until [...]

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