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Dec 06, 2016 Comments Off by

Another common feature is that after 2008 Beijing Olympics Games experience A high inventory, low turnover pressure, the company ‘s inventories in the past few years havE been released Although some wellknown brands have captured a lot of secondtier cities in China, but in fact there are a lot of European and American Brands and a growing brand of designer did not care to open up the Far East Market, so for them, China is like Eden Of the forbidden fruit is so exudes a fatal temptation Simply pu

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Five Tips for Improving The Experience of Your Customers

Dec 01, 2011 Comments Off by

In the 2011 Convergys UK Customer Scorecard Research, 61% of consumers said that the customer experience has not improved over the past year, and another 14% said that it has actually gotten worse. Here are some of the topline stats from the Survey and a few things to consider.   1. Pay attention to what your [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Tips

Nov 04, 2011 Comments Off by

For the last few years I have been developing my LinkedIn profile. I have picked up tips along the way of course and have recieved fantastic advice from Will Kintish ( I wanted to share some of the key essentials to improving your profile on LinkedIn Hope you get what you’re hoping for Stuart’s LinkedIn [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Tips

Apr 18, 2011 Comments Off

Ever compared your LinkedIn Profile to anyone else and thought “what are they doing to make their profile stand out” Well, I’ve spent a number of years and has learned from the best (namely Will Kintish as well as constantly observing what makes a great LinkedIn profile Rather than a wordy blog, I’ve ‘grabbed’ some [...]

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Tips on Turning Your Workplace into a Learning Environment

Sep 30, 2010 Comments Off

  Create an environment for continuous learning and growth in business and personal areas where employees are expected to access Trainer Led sessions, e-Learning modules and self study.  Obtain executive commitment to continuous learning  Have executive management communicate its importance to the entire organisation  Communicate the benefits and value of learning Integrate skills attainment into [...]

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Persuasion Skills Training

Aug 19, 2010 Comments Off

Here is an introduction to my friend and colleague Rintu Basu’s great Persuasion Skills e-course. included in the course is an electronic copy of his best selling book The Persuasion Skills Black Book. I’ve read Rintu’s book and listened to his online advice and use it help in training, sales, management and work in and out of [...]

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