Call Centre Customer Service Training Courses


Turning ‘Not Bad’ Service into Excellent Service

 Delegates will learn of the importance of fully identifying their Customers Needs before providing the best possible solution. They will also find out why Service Recovery is so important to the ongoing relationship of the two parties and how to go for a WIN:WIN solution. They will learn Questioning Skills to identify the needs of their customers, Creative Techniques to recognise new solutions when everything else has been tried and failed and Processes to get to WIN:WIN not WIN:COMPROMISE  


Difficult Customers … “don’t ya just luv ‘em? You Should!”

Why do so many organisations want their difficult customers to “just get lost”? This module looks at how to learn from them and help the organisation improve on their overall service to their other customers. Delegates will become skilled at placating customers without sounding frustrated or patronising. They will learn how to deal with all of the varieties of Difficult Customers (from the Angry to the Demanding to the Indecisive to the Intoxicated). They will also learn how to get that Difficult Customer to be their biggest fan


Identifying Customer & Organisational Needs 

 This course will give delegates an understanding of the fundamentals of Excellent Customer Service. Delegates will enhance the service they provide to Internal and External Customers, understand who their customers are and what services they provide, they will be able to determine why Excellent Customer Service is so important, when back in the workplace take advantage of a superior understanding of their Internal and External Customers needs and those of your organisation


How your Corporate Image Affects your Customers

 Discover the key factors that determine the identity of organisations and how the perception of their customers can be positively or adversely affected. This module will give an understanding of why corporate Image is so important. Delegates will learn about the 4 key factors which determine Corporate Identity and the 3 main factors that affect customer’s perception of their organisation


General Communication Skills

This module focuses on how to create an excellent First & Lasting Impression whether face to face or over the phone. It looks at how to be able to focus on the individuality of others and provide tips on being able to adapt your own style to suit that of others. Main areas covered are listening and speaking skills, Interpretive Understanding, Understand the fundamentals of Body Language, Questioning Techniques, Mirroring, Matching, Pacing and Leading

An Introduction to Sales for “Customer Service” People

All too many people are OK about Customer Service but will never ever call themselves Sales people. “Sell” is not a four letter word … oh, alright it is but it’s not a “rude four word”, but just a way to identify what someone wants and provide them with it – if that’s not Customer Service…what is? Delegates will find out why ‘selling’ is important to you customers and your organisation, be able to meet customer’s needs and expectations every time and learn how to create fantastic First and Lasting Impressions in sales