Call Centre Tele-Sales Modules


Telephone Lead Generation

This course will give delegates the confidence to make calls more professionally. They will enhance their listening techniques which in turn will assist them in generating new leads. It will also give them increased confidence in lead generation, effective prospecting techniques, develop their own individual telephone style and give them the ability to contact the key decision-maker


Gain Commitment on the Telephone

This module focuses on inbound and/or outbound calls whose purpose it is to generate more sales or appointments. Closing techniques are a vital component in making the most out of these calls. During this module a number of closing techniques will be discussed and then practiced by means of a series of role-plays. It will improve calling techniques, enhance their negotiating techniques on the telephone and help them overcome personal concerns in closing


Maximise Appointments Over the Telephone 

This module is ideal for those who want to develop their appointment making skills and maximise opportunities. It will also help those fielding inbound sales enquiries which will in turn increase the businesses sales conversion rates. It also enhances calling techniques, improve negotiating skills on the telephone, overcome obstacles in closing and develop qualifying techniques


Outbound Calls – Maximising Performance 

This session ensures that anyone who makes outbound calls set SMART objectives and achieve them. Whether they are sales, customer care or research calls, attendees will be able to practise their techniques in role playing scenarios and then be able implement them back in their live environment. Delegates will learn how to set SMART objectives, construct an opening pitch, and improve their confidence through role play exercises to help them accomplish their objectives


Telephone Techniques – Inbound & Outbound Calls

This unit deals with telephone etiquette when making both Inbound & Outbound calls. Delegates will increase their self-assurance to make outbound calls professionally, gain confidence in handling incoming calls more professionally and maximise their ability to get engage the right person


Increasing Sales on Follow-up Calls

This Telesales course is ideal for those who want to improve their follow-up calls to maximise sales. It will help those handling inbound enquiries to increase their sales conversion rates. It will increase confidence in making outbound calls professionally, increase the delegates ability to handle objections effectively, develop own individual style and improved their follow-up call techniques