Training & Presentation Skills


Training the Trainer Course


This short 2 day course is designed for students who want to develop their skills to becoming a successful trainer. During this programme the will learn the basic principles involved when Analysing Training Needs. Find out how to give and receive feedback positively and effectively. Develop the attitude, knowledge and skills necessary to set and write SMART Training Objectives. Be able to identify when to facilitate learning and when to use a “Chalk and Talk” presentation style

Delegates will learn the essential steps for managing groups and how to handle difficult situations in training, as well as learn how to deal with the varying personality types within the training environment.

They will be made aware of the basic principles of reading body language and other simple NLP techniques to help build rapport and to understand their delegates better as well as develop an understanding of how to best utilise training equipment and course materials such as PowerPoint, Flip Charts, OHPs, handouts, feedback forms  


Presentation Skills  


 This 2 day programme is designed to give participants a full understanding of how to prepare and deliver presentations effectively. The course is highly interactive and practical, offering many opportunities for practice. Each delegate will receive individual coaching and feedback following a 15 minute presentation delivered by them on day 2.

During the programme, they will learn how to speak to groups with confidence, prepare an effective presentation, how to maintain audience interest, avoid common pitfalls during delivery, find out how to best handle challenging questions and difficult delegates


Dealing with Difficult Training Situations


Every trainer faces difficult situations in the training room, what makes the difference between a competent trainer and a great trainer is how they deal with these situations effectively; so that their delegates gain the maximum benefit from the course, and the trainer comes out of the session with his/her reputation and credibility intact.

This workshop provides the core knowledge and skills required to manage individuals and groups effectively who may deliberately provoke a difficult situation. It shows how these situations can be handled diplomatically and professionally without causing offence or turning the delegates against you


Facilitation for Trainers


This module will allow trainers to be able to design their programmes and courses to be more interactive; delegates will learn what facilitation is and what it is not. They will understand the roles and responsibilities required to be an effective facilitator whilst also developing their listening, questioning and intervening skills and strategies


Internal Consulting Skills


Delegates on this module will learn how to establish clear objectives and develop a good relationship with their internal clients, they will find out how to diagnose problems by fact finding and analysing data. They will learn how to generate options, make decisions and plan appropriate solutions to meet the needs of their internal client. They will find out how to identify and overcome barriers that may exist in the organisation. Also learning how to demonstrate a return on their client’s investment and demonstrate their effectiveness in the solution provided